Frequently Asked Questions

Equity and Future Retail – There are mixed reports regarding the role a pool plays in the retail of a house or property.  Some argue that a pool actually decreases the retail price of a property because buyers may see a pool as requiring a great deal of maintenance, increasing bills and other costs, as well as being a liability.  In response, it is undeniable that pools cause increases utilities during the summer months, and do require upkeep, but if taken care of properly, those costs will not be drastic.  If you don’t know what you are doing, have a professional pool company teach you what needs to be done.  Oftentimes, costs become expensive because individuals do not seek help when it is necessary and until it is too late. 
As far as future equity is concerned, the truth has always been and will always remain that the greatest investment and return in equity lies in the world of kitchens and bathrooms.  And although a home or property’s equity will not be as impressive in comparison to other upgrades, a pool will increase the future value or retail of a home.  Unless a pool has been destroyed, is unsafe, or too old, a property with a pool would undoubtedly sell at a higher price.  In reality, most buyers who want a pool would prefer buying properties with pre-existing pools, thus making swimming pool properties more desirable. 

In short, like everything in real estate, there are definitely positive and negative aspects which surround the topic of swimming pools.  However, the advantages of owning a pool, having one installed, or purchasing a property with a pool, are incredible.  One must weigh out the good and bad on an individual basis, but it is guaranteed that if you have a pool installed, maintained, and/or fixed by professionals, with a solid reputation, such as those at Poolfection, the job will be done right.  It will also be guaranteed to last, so that you may enjoy infinite moments of happiness, serenity, and fun, in your pool and backyard, with your family and loved ones.