Liner Replacements

POOL-fection’s services include repair work on pre-existing liners, as well as installing new liners.  In the event that either service is needed, POOL-fection cannot only provide the needed service, but can ensure that the job is done properly.  While we are there, our POOL-fection team will also do a thorough inspection of all liners, pre-existing and new, so no damage is overlooked.

Liner Repair: Pool liners can rip from normal wear and tear, but also fall victim to sharp objects.  In the event a liner has sustained a tear, rip, or hole, it can oftentimes be repaired without replacing the entire liner.  Providing the damage is not significant, a patch can be placed over the tear or hole and then sealed.  Depending upon the location, patching is a relatively quick process and most certainly cost-effective.
Liner Replacements:  A pool liner may be replaced due to discoloration or significant damage.  Over time, liners can fade from sun exposure or high-volume traffic.  Additionally, sometimes liners can sustain a large amount of damage that cannot be patched.  In the event that a pool liner needs to be replaced, a new liner must be installed by a pool company because it is an incredibly detailed process.  First, the pools measurements and dimensions must be taken so the proper liner can be ordered.  When the new liner is available and before it is installed, the pool must be drained and the existing liner removed.  The new liner will then be cut and installed around all features and components, such as steps, drains, jets, lights, etc, and sealed so that there are no leaks.  While installing new liners is certainly more costly and time consuming, it is oftentimes necessary and unavoidable.

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