Nowadays, it appears that the demand and desire for swimming pools have depreciated greatly.  Current homeowners, without a swimming pool, don’t seem to believe having a pool is that big of a deal, and it is most certainly not a priority.  Whilst, perspective buyers, especially in the North Eastern United States, have decreasingly requested a swimming pool as a “must have” on their dream-home wish lists.   Perhaps the economy has something to do with it?  Maybe current and perspective homeowners, alike, perceive a pool as an unnecessary expense.  Likewise, due to the relentlessly negative media, it is also likely that many view pools as dangerous and potential death traps.  However, the overall benefits of owning a swimming pool are by far, much more advantageous, outweighing negativity surrounding swimming pools.

Entertainment – The entertainment value of owning a pool is incredible, with endless advantageous.  During the summer months, the heat can often become unbearable, making it impossible to do outside work or even enjoy some much need Vitamin D.  Escaping into the air conditioning can sometimes be nice, but after a long, harsh winter, having been cooped up for months on end, the AC can only provide so much relief.  When doing yardwork or any form of outside activity, it is an absolutely incredible feeling to jump into the refreshingly cool water.
For parents with children… unless your children go to camp all summer, it is almost a guarantee that but the end of the first week of summer vacation, he/she/they will be driving you insane, claiming they’re bored.  A swimming pool allows for countless hours of fun, preoccupied activity and can often make your house the “cool” spot to be. (No pun intended.)
As for adults, there is nothing better than relaxing in the pool, listening to the tranquil noises of water from the slide, from a fountain, or even a waterfall.  Research has proven that water is a stress reliever and calming, which is what too many Americans need.  However, when it comes time to entertain, what better thing to have than a sparkling, shimmering pool for your scenery?  At night the pool lights will illuminate the darkness and the whoosh of water will be but a melodic background sound, creating the perfect ambiance for a cocktail party, dinner party, or perhaps, a sweet couples retreat.