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Long Islanders Boast About Top Ranking Pool Company
POOL-fection Washes Away All Competition for Opening and Closing Services

Long Island pool and spa expert, POOL-fection is rated amongst the best pool companies, especially for their opening and closing services.  This family owned and run company has built a solid reputation for it’s flawless and professional services, but they are proudly recognized for two of the most important services they offer. 
Pool and Spa owners love to reap the benefits of owning these luxurious amenities, but not necessarily all of the responsibilities that go along with them. Routine maintenance, repairs, and balancing water levels are amongst the most common and standard of requirements to keep a pool in good condition.  However, many pool owners often overlook the critical importance of opening and closing pools.  According to the specialists at POOL-fection. properly opening and closing one’s pool is important for safety reasons, as well as to avoid costly problems and damage. 
POOL-fection pool opening services are understandably much more appreciated and applauded than the closing services.  While pool owners are eager to have their pool opened, the company’s experienced specialists are looking for much more than taking the cover off.  After sitting throughout the majority of the year, POOL-fection performs painstakingly detailed inspections of each client’s pool structure, liner, filtration system, and more.  This evaluation keeps owners informed and up-to-date with the condition of all aspects related to the pool and its systems, therefore providing a top-notch preventative measure.  Additionally, the company’s detail-oriented specialists also pay careful attention to the status of the existing water.  They will carefully test the condition and elements of the water and then perform what is a seemingly complex science of balancing all of the levels, in effort to provide clients with safe water.  These opening services set the pace for the rest of the season.
On the other end of the spectrum, although Long Islanders are always reluctant to close their pools, POOL-fection has risen in the rankings as one of the most sought after pool companies for their closing services.  As Long Island’s premier pool company, POOL-fection dedicated and reliable technicians take the closing process very seriously.  This elite service includes lowering the water level, draining pipes, preparing and treating the pipes and filtration system for the winter, and covering the pool – winterizing process.  These steps are vitally important to prevent serious damage that could occur over the winter and be very costly.
However, the most critically important aspect of POOL-fection’s closing services is that of covering the pool.  The company and its highly-trained and skilled technicians have been noted for saying that covering the pool is the single most important part of owning a pool.  Though the most basic purpose of a cover is to protect the pool and prevent debris from getting into the pool, POOL-fection urges all pool owners to take this step very seriously.  The experts state that covers which are damaged or installed improperly pose a severe life-threatening potential.  Rating safety as its number one priority, POOL-fection double and triple checks the condition of the cover before completing the job.  In fact, the company and its team of specialists are so dedicated to ensuring the safety aspect of pools, that they sell and install the greatest safety pool cover on the market, the Loop Loc cover. POOL-fection guarantees their dedication entirely.
When it comes to providing elite-quality pool services at an affordable cost, POOL-fection tops all others.  With over 30 years of industry experience the company and its owner, make it their mission to provide only the best to their customers.  In doing so, they employ a team of specialists who are not only extremely educated in the field, but those individuals whose morals and priorities surround providing the greatest level of safety for all pool owners and his or her guests.  POOL-fection is Long Island’s leading pool company for their reliability, professionalism, expertise, affordability, and most importantly, their values. 

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