Long Island Heat Pumps


You can extend your swimming season by having a heat pump installed on Long Island by POOL-fection.

Since our swimming season is relatively short on Long Island, a POOL-fection heat pump can keep a pool warm even in 45-50 degree temperatures. Heat pumps directly transfer the heat from outside air to your pool, providing the most energy efficient option for you.

Heat pumps use electricity to capture heat and move it from one place to another. They don't generate heat on their own like many pool heaters you may be familiar with.


Compared to other heaters, heat pumps can operate using up to 80% less energy! Although heat pump pool heaters cost more than gas pool heaters, they typically have much lower annual operating costs because of their higher efficiencies.

LONG LASTING AND SAFE With proper maintenance, heat pump pool heaters typically last longer than gas pool heaters. Pools that use heat pumps are also cleaner and safer to operate.


When you select a heat pump POOL-fection will discuss with you

If you are considering installing a heat pump in Suffolk County Long Island, you must have a professional consult with you. At POOL-fection we have installed thousands of heat pumps and have the skill and expertise to help you make the right choice.

Although the operation of a heat pump is relatively straightforward, the work needed to survey and select the right pump for you can be complex.

At POOL-fection we will perform a proper sizing analysis for your specific swimming pool to determine the pool heater size that is right for you Your heater will be sized according to the surface area of the pool and the difference between the pool and the average air temperatures. Other factors will also affect the heating load for your pool, such as wind exposure, humidity levels, and cool night temperatures. These factors will decide the size of the heat pump you will need. Heat pump pool heaters are rated by Btu output and horsepower. Standard sizes include 3.5 hp/75,000 BTU, 5 hp/100,000 BTU, and 6 hp/125,000 BTU.

Contact POOL-fection for a consultation and estimate on efficiently and safely heating your pool.

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