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Loop Loc Covers

POOL-fection is a proud dealer and installer of Loop-Loc covers! POOL-fection is a Long Island Loop Loc Pool Cover Installer. Call today for more information.

Top-Rated in Safety:

Loop-Loc covers are amongst the most highly-rated, nationally-known safety pool covers and POOL-fection is proud to offer this option to its customers. With safety as a top priority for all pool owners, these state-of-the-art covers offer pool owners a level of safety and security assurance like no other. The covers are made with a highly-dense, mesh material that is not just durable, but guaranteed to outlast other covers. The double-enforced straps coupled with springs and anchors, made from non-corrosive, high-grade, stainless steel, make it so these covers are capable of holding extremely large amounts of weight. Finally, the anchors, which are drilled into the surrounding pool area, are locked in such a way that a child cannot unhook the cover, as well. Ultimately, Loop-Loc covers are designed so that not only can a person stand or walk on one, but they are advertised to be able to hold the weight of an elephant!

Low Maintenance & Cleaning:

Unlike traditional pool covers, which are usually solid and impenetrable, the mesh material Loop-Loc covers are made from significantly cuts down on pool/cover maintenance and cleaning because it:

  • allows the water from rain and snow to pass through, but will prevent other outside elements from getting in, such as animals, leaves, and even a majority of dirt. Therefore, pool owners need not worry about the extensive amount of time and energy that goes into cleaning off traditional covers before opening the pool.
  • is extremely strong and durable, which means it will not tear, dry-out, or stretch like traditional covers do.
  • allows little sunlight to penetrate, thus preventing significant algae build-up during the off-season.

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