Hiring the right pool company to install or service your pool can make all the difference. A pool or spa can be an amazing feature to add to your yard if it is installed properly. There are several steps you must take to install a pool. It takes the right permits, planning, research and execution. Long Island pool company, POOL-fection has been installing pools for over 30 years and uses a step by step process to ensure success each time. When interviewing pool companies it is important to ask basic questions to make sure you are in the right hands.  Here are a few ways on how to find the best pool company.

How to find the best pool company

1-Licensed & Insured. It seems crazy to think that pool companies could be installing or servicing without a license or insurance. But it is true. Some companies may let them lapse or expire putting homeowners in a bad situation. Ask for a copy of the latest license & insurance information to be sure. Also make sure that they are licensed in your particular county. POOL-fection is fully licensed & insured in Nassau & Suffolk County and both are current.

2-Past Work. Take a look at their past work. Visit their website and browse through their photo gallery. This will help you gauge the skill level that the pool company your looking to hire has. Please check out POOL-fection’s latest work by visiting our photo gallery.

3- Contract. Ask for everything that you are promised in writing. When interviewing a potential contractor some topics get lost in translation. Before you give a downpayment to start work ask for a contract. The contract should show exactly what you are getting so nothing can be disputed.

We hope you have enjoyed reading “how to find the best pool company”. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us anytime.