How To Know If Your Pool Liner Needs A Replacement

Pool liners create an impenetrable surface inside the pool. Their sole purpose is to conserve the water within the pool. It also provides a decorative appearance for the swimming pool. Several indicators can tell when your pool liner needs to be replaced. Here are a few indicators how to know if your pool liner needs a replacement: If you notice any of the below mentioned please contact Long Island pool company, POOL-fection.

  • Vinyl liners deteriorate over time. This is due partly to the exposure to pool chemicals and the UV rays of the sun. You must regularly check your pool liner for any signs of cracks and/or tears. If you do notice any cracks or tears further inspect your pool for about two weeks. If the water level in your pool drops by more than one inch then you might be dealing with leaks.
  • Fading and staining-Pool liners fade naturally over time, this is due to aging and being exposed to chemicals as well as UV rays.
  • Wrinkling, Stretching and Slipping-Vinyl liners lose their plasticity and elasticity over time. Always inspect your pool for any loose-fitting around its return jets and skimmer. Some indicators that your pool liner is stretching include your liner beading in several areas or slipping out of its tracks.
  • Leaking-This is one of the major indicators that your pool liner is due for a replacement. If you can locate the leak, then you might be able to patch it up and prolong your days with your pool liner. However, if you are not able to locate the leak then that calls for a pool liner replacement as failing to replace it could mean that the leaking water will corrode your pool walls as well as wash the sand beneath away and this can create dangerous sinkholes.

If you notice any pool liner issues contact a professional as soon as possible in their early stages. With the right company at hand, you can have your pool liner replaced quickly and easily.